Dr. Han Chiu Tasked To Lead San Diego Obesity and Diabetes Working Group

Dr. Han Chiu, founder and CEO of Vavici, was tasked by Malin Burnham, San Diego philanthropist, to lead a working group of San Diego business leaders, philanthropists, and influencers to tackle the obesity and diabetes problem in San Diego and across the country. The group was started by Burnham to address a deep frustration that the group share with the current status quo. Despite our best efforts at direct-to-consumer and public health initiatives, spending tens of millions of dollars, the problem has only gotten worse.

Obesity and diabetes are both preventable and reversible. Yet even so, over the past two decades what were once, uncommon diseases have become the number one driver of healthcare costs, now representing an estimated one-third of all US healthcare costs.

Dr. Chiu was asked to work with the group and others to challenge convention, ask hard questions, and build a breakthrough pilot that can be implemented and tested in San Diego as a model for change throughout the country.