A New Physician-Driven Channel

Vavici has established partnerships with many companies seeking to reach a wider market of patients through a physician-driven channel. Partners include:

  • Xymogen

  • OMunity Health

  • Intensive Dietary Management (IDM)

  • Astute Inc

  • HeartMath

  • iHealth

  • OC Deli

  • Plant Pure Nation

  • The Obesity Society

  • The Obesity Medicine Association

We welcome additional partnerships in the following categories.

Educational Content

Vavici curates educational content for physicians and patients, from highly credible sources, for the treatment of diabetes and obesity.  This content is made available in learning modules in our ecosystem, to advance a more proactive approach to identifying the root cause of each patient's condition.

Wellness Product & Service Providers

Vavici partners with wellness product and services providers that advance and support a patient's lifestyle change.  These generally fall in various verticals such as:

Medical metrics






Big Data

Vavici partners with providers with experience in HIPAA-compliant data collection and analysis. As we collect clinical and behavioral data across a large number of patients in the ecosystem, we will bring actionable insight and intelligence to each physician practice.