Get curious.  There are ways you can reverse disease.  


go beyond the symptoms

Get to know the many ways that diabetes and obesity have been reversed for many patients, by studying:

·       Medical metrics

·       Sleep

·       Diet

·       Behavior

·       Exercise

·       Stress

Along with your medical treatments, these lifestyle factors can play a huge role in how your body recovers from diabetes and obesity.

exercise class

partner with your doctor

Build a collaborative relationship with your doctor, your community, and other people like you. 

It takes curiosity. It takes education. It takes commitment.

But it’s possible to reverse diabetes in only six months, if your doctor is fully engaged.

Vavici empowers your doctor to help you take the right steps toward reversing your disease. We also empower you with the support resources you need.


seek root cause

By joining a learning ecosystem that supports your healthcare journey, you can discover new ways to live a healthy life, and break free from a system that keeps you dependent on "sick care," which addresses only the symptoms, and not the root causes.  

Your membership avails you to research, menus, food plans, exercise programs, sleep therapies, stress management, and people who will make this journey more manageable with you.