beyond symptoms. let’s also treat root cause.

Vavici’s go-to-market strategy puts physicians at the center. We mobilize physicians with wellness products, education, and services to generate real impact. 

How? By partnering with vetted product and services companies, and major thought leaders, who help you examine root cause. By combining your medical expertise with proven approaches on diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and behavioral change, we help you transform how you guide each patient journey.

To make this economically feasible for you practice, we enable a physician business model to deliver medical and lifestyle protocols to the largest population of patients in need.  

a new ecosystem for care

Through a web-based ecosystem of education, support, and care options, Vavici empowers physicians and patients to partner on medical and lifestyle changes.

We align the incentives for change. Vavici collaborates with thought leaders, physicians, patients, payors and companies to work together. Our shared purpose? To cure disease by moving individualized curative products and services into the mainstream.

Together we take care to cure.



you are the channel to health and well-being

By putting doctors back in the driver's seat, we empower you to apply your insights about curative treatment protocols and clinical outcomes.

Our job is to create the path. By starting with a physician-driven channel for wellness products and services, we bring you additional revenue streams.

Our job is to support the experience. For you and for the patients.

Finally, our job is to collect clinical outcomes and share a big data feedback loop for behavioral protocols that reverse disease.