fundraising for significant change

The Vavici Foundation is a non-profit 501c3, focused on fundraising to support proof-of-concept models that can dramatically change healthcare from a "sick care" system to a "health care" system. 

working with community stakeholders

The Vavici Foundation works with stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem -- providers, payors, insurers, patient advocates, medical societies, community groups, and government entities --  to engage in public discourse to find solutions to lower the cost of healthcare.   

Public-private collaboration

The Vavici Foundation works alongside the Vavici Company and community leaders to identify ways to deliver affordable health and behavioral change to impact the neediest populations.  

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board of governance

Ron Bissinger, Executive Director, Vavici Foundation

Rick Soni, Former President, Rexahn Pharmaceuticals

Tah Groen, Founder of OMunity Health; and Breath To Success